The Windmill

By Debashish Reang

A very rough week





Debashish Reang
Debashish Reang
Hey, friends!
I hope you are well. Last week was a very tragic one for me. I had an okayish weekend but had to be admitted to a hospital because of viral fever. I still feel a little weak, but I suppose that’s just the hospital hangover.
No, I did not test positive for COVID-19. But, things aren’t any better. The temperature at IITK seems inhospitable. You have to keep the cooler on at times to survive. That coupled with the UP government’s restrictions means that campus life is very boring.
That does not even come close to what the healthcare workers at various facilities are going through daily. These workers do not have enough PPE kits, their working hours have shot up, and they are the most vulnerable to this virus!
To top it all, our politicians are busy running election campaigns, and the supreme court is not doing anything, neither is the election commission. Just the sheer lack of empathy on their part makes me sad. I hope they lose the elections and all the elections that happen in the future.
Please stay at home. The numbers are rapidly increasing. The health infrastructure is already crumbled. And when you go out to vote for anyone next time, make sure you’re voting for someone who promises to set up hospitals, schools, and infrastructure.
I could not film any videos last week. I have a few video ideas that I wanted to start filming but then fell sick. So, stay tuned for an update on this.
Again, please take care of yourself and those around you.
- Debashish Reang

Debashish Reang
Okay so, I had to be hospitalized from last Monday-Thursday because of complications arising from a fever. Until now, I've only heard of healthcare services being overstretched only in theory but haven't actually seen it happen. The situation was bleak, to say the least.
Debashish Reang
People could not be admitted to the hospital because there were no spare beds. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky that I got a bed without having to wait for hours and hours. Not many are that fortunate, to be honest. Please, please take care of yourself, eat well.
Debashish Reang
Try to stay home as much as you can. I don't know when this all ends - incompetence paired with already crumbled infra makes things much more tricky. But, I'm sure we can do our part so that people who actually need life support/ICU beds are not denied one. So, yeah.😰😭
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Debashish Reang
Debashish Reang @reangdeba

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