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My Undergraduate Degree is Ending

Debashish Reang
Debashish Reang
Hey, friends!
How’s it going? I hope things are well. I know, I know this issue is delayed too. I’ve been quite busy - moving out of my college dorm, traveling amidst the pandemic, and settling in a new place.
I’m happy to inform you that my undergraduate degree will come to a close in five days. I’m pretty excited about what lies ahead. I’m still waiting for the results of the interviews that I gave a few months ago. I shall hopefully write an essay on my undergraduate experience sometime soon.
My fever has also subsided, and I’ve regained my sense of smell. So, I’m pleased about that. I’ll get vaccinated as soon as the government opens up vaccination for my age group in my state. I hope you, too, will get vaccinated when your chance comes.
Other than that, there isn’t much going on now. I’ve mostly been staying indoors, except for a few hours of cycling now and then. Please stay home as much as you can. This second wave, too, shall pass. I’m thinking about starting a few small ventures once my exams are over. But, that will be the subject of another issue of this newsletter.
I’ve posted a new video to my YouTube channel. It is linked below. I’ll be thrilled if you watch it, like it, and subscribe!
Take care. Stay safe.
- Debashish Reang

This week's videos
Last Days at IIT Kanpur and in Uttar Pradesh
Last Days at IIT Kanpur and in Uttar Pradesh
I’m still reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. You can find out more about my readings here.
One needs to be able to believe passionately and also be able to see the absurdity of one’s own beliefs and laugh at them. - Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman
Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing. - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Dr. Kimberly Ayers
I asked my calculus students to give me a random linear function. They gave me y=69x+420. Sigh.
HOOD VOGUE is tired of poverty
Trying not rinse ur mouth out fully after brushing ur teeth be so hard omggg
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Debashish Reang
Debashish Reang @reangdeba

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