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Debashish Reang
Debashish Reang
Hi, friends!
Nothing extraordinary happened last week, but I’m at a point in life where routine life seems to maximize my productivity and general well-being. For instance, making sure that I take a shower before I go for lunch, not doing anything mentally intensive after 23:00, etc., feels good. No, I did not come up with this. A friend of mine suggested that to me, and she is amazing for doing that.
I have been trying to make tea in my hostel room, but they taste bland for some reason. I followed the exact instructions but in vain. So, if you are a maestro of the art of tea-making, please shoot me an email. I still prefer coffee over tea, but tea is just objectively easier to make in hostel dorms.
I’m just waiting for the interviews’ results to come in so that I can think about what to do next. I recently talked to a friend of mine about our career trajectories and where we are headed next. She seems to have it sorted, opposite of my situation.
I think we all have a long career ahead of us, and so a year or two here and there does not really matter, in my opinion. What matters is that we are enjoying the journey. But, in my case, I don’t even know where I would land up, so I hope the results come soon.
I have started making YouTube video lessons again. I have all the equipment that I need with me, and more importantly, all the time in the world. If you know me, then you would know how much I care about education.
In fact, I’m one of those people who believe that education could revolutionize the world order if everyone had access to quality education. I want to think that I have a long life ahead of me, so let’s see if I manage to do something worthwhile in education.
Have a great weekend. Please watch the videos and let me know if they are any good. Take care!
- Debashish Reang

This week's videos
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q3
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q3
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q4
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q4
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q5
Trigonometric Functions Exercise 3.1 Q5
I’m still reading Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates and Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon. I’ll finish reading both of them by the end of the day.
To stay true to my self-imposed rule of not picking up a new book until the ones I’m reading are done, I’ll start finishing up what I’m currently reading.
You can find me on Goodreads here.
Articles & Essays
I was everywhere with everybody, and at the same time I was all by myself. - Trevor Noah in Born a Crime
We are always optimists when it comes to time, we think there wull be time to do things with other people. And time to say things to them. - A Man Called Ove
Elon Musk
SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon
Garry Tan
Repeat after me:

Solving problems for each other is what we were put on this Earth to do.
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Debashish Reang
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